How do you clean your cat’s teeth? How do you perform cat dental care at home? Do you provide cat dental treats to your pets? How to keep a cat’s mouth clean and healthy is one of the most concerning factors for every pet parent. Just like humans, cats also may suffer from serious dental health issues and feel tooth pain. Pain in a cat’s or kitty’s mouth can even stop them from having their meal. Thus, regular brushing and cleaning your cat’s teeth seems to be a tough task. Best cat treats play a vital role in this case by keeping cats’ teeth clean and maintaining oral hygiene for cats.

What are the signs of cat dental issues?

Cats are good at hiding their discomfort and pain. Due to bad oral hygiene, they could suffer from serious health issues and pain without even letting you know about same. This is why every cat parent needs to be aware of their cute feline’s dental fitness to make sure their teeth, and gums stay clean and healthy. This can be attained by routinely brushing your cat’s teeth, through this you will be able to detect any oral health problems early and this will also help in preventing your cat from experiencing pain and suffering from any serious health issue. Because dental health issues can lead to severe health issues in pets.

Some signs of dental health problems in cats you can look for and should consult with the veterinarian to get rid of any such dental issues:

  • Bad breath
  • Bleeding from the mouth
  • Red swollen gums
  • Refusing to eat
  • Drooling
  • Vomiting
  • Pawning at their teeth or mouth
  • Visible tartar

How to Keep your cat’s teeth clean at home?

One needs to make sure to keep your kitty’s gums and teeth clean by executing an everyday oral hygiene practice. To maintain proper oral hygiene, regular brushing is very important. However, cats don’t allow or like brushing their teeth and this can even make them stressed. One should be very patient while brushing the cat’s teeth to make them feel calm and relaxed. It is recommended to start brushing and maintaining oral hygiene at a young age so that it will be stress-free for them when they get older as they get used to it by that time.

Tips to maintain dental hygiene at home:

  • Gently raise your cat’s lips by using your finger to massage their teeth & gums for a few seconds.
  • Initially, you may only be able to reach a couple of teeth for the first few times which will increase gradually with the process.
  • Try to give treats as rewards after giving teeth and gum massage. This will also increase the bond between you and your pet.
  • Once your pet gets used to daily massage, try to introduce a soft-bristled toothbrush and cat toothpaste that comes in varieties of flavors as per your cat’s taste.
  • Begin using the toothbrush as slowly as you did the teeth-and-gum massage; your cat may start with licking just a small dab of toothpaste using your finger.

Are Dental Cat Treats Good For Oral Hygiene?

Regular brushing is very important to maintain proper dental hygiene for cats. Along with that, dental treats for cats also play a vital role in maintaining oral hygiene. Due to the fast eating habits of cats, food particles get stuck in their teeth and gums. This may result in plaque and tartar buildup in their teeth. This plaque and tartar buildup leads to various dental problems like bleeding gums, tooth pain, and sometimes loss of a tooth. These dental issues can even lead to serious other health issues in pets.

Dental treats for cats are made with biting textures that create a rough surface when chewed by pets resulting in the removal of plaque and tartar from the cat’s teeth and gums. These are also available in different flavors and textures that cats love to have. These dental cat treats are made with different flavors and ingredients that help in removing bad breath from the cat’s mouth. Thus, these dental treats for cats are very helpful in maintaining proper dental hygiene in cats and providing fresh breath to them.

There are varieties of dental cat treats available in the marketplace that you can shop for as per your cat’s choice and taste. Kwik Pets is a one-stop shop that always strives to provide the best quality of pet products that you require along with cat dental treats to keep your feline pets healthy, happy, and contented.

Frequently asked questions:

How can I keep my cat’s mouth healthy?

Regularly brushing is the key to maintaining your cat’s gums teeth clean and healthy. When it comes to adult cats it can be challenging to have their teeth cleaned, so one should get them used to this process and have their fingers in cats’ mouths when they’re kittens. Cat Dental Treats also help in maintaining the dental hygiene of pets in check.

How to clean a cat’s teeth naturally? 

There are various ways to keep a cat’s teeth clean naturally and without the effort of brushing. These ways include altering their food or diet intake, utilizing tools of natural dental care for cats such as water additives, gels, and dental chews or toys, or trying simply giving them a bone to chew on so that it also helps in removing plaque and tartar buildup in cat’s mouth

How can I keep my cat’s teeth healthy without brushing them?

Regular brushing is very important to maintain dental health in check. However, if one is facing issues in brushing a cat’s teeth. Some alternatives can be used which are as follows:

  • Dental cat treats
  • Dental prescription diet by veterinarians
  • Dental cat toys
  • Dental gel